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And another thing. There’s the Inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States. Takes place tomorrow at noon on the dot. I’ve got that one covered. Not watching. Will be sitting quietly in the nave at St. Martin of Tours Episcopal Church in Kalamazoo, praying for the nation.

The other thing is the Women’s March on Washington. Oh, how I wish I could go. I went on the March for Women’s Lives in 1986 and it was an amazing experience. This one, given the time and temperament of the times, will be even more amazing, and more crucial. My Beta Daughter is going from Ohio, and taking my 17 month old granddaughter with her. I’m nervous and proud, which I believe to be appropriate responses.

But since 2007, I’ve suffered from severe social anxiety disorder. I can’t handle a crowd of 200, let alone 200,000. But a friend told me about The Disability March, and it’s pretty amazing. Here’s the link: . It enables those of us who for one reason or another cannot go to still participate. I’m very grateful.

So when I’m done praying, I’ll be back on the phone, nagging my Representatives and Senators to nail these appointees to the wall. THAT is something I can do. And do it I shall.


Really.  I don’t.  Even a little.

Oh, I think Peyton Manning is a great person, love his charity work.  He is a great example of giving back to his communities (Yes, he has more than one.)   And he beats hell out of the other freaks of nature in spandex short-pants who just rounded out their Hummer collection to a baker’s dozen or have kept Cadillac from going the way of other US automakers by purchasing a new Escalade every three months.

I never got the football bug.  In fact I prefer the sport that EVERYONE ELSE in the whole world calls football.  Some folks say watching soccer is akin to watching paint dry.  But I like it.

And I can’t see the whole “I don’t really follow the NFL, but hey, it’s all about the TEAM!!!  I purchased an insanely overpriced officially sanctioned Colts jersey because I knew that I could wear it to work at least eleven Fridays all year.  Go, Blue Crew!” thing.

I think it would be more fun to have pep rallies for THIS sport:

Something to do with all those plastic party cups.