You know, I don’t really care for those “About” pages on blogs where you get to read about how wonderful, unique and yet unappreciated I am. So I’m going with something completely different. And I’ll probably update it fairly often with different things about wonderful, unique and yet unappreciated I am.

With insincere apologies to Rogers and Hammerstein, to the tune of My Favourite Things:

I long for a cup that’s fair trade and organic,
Out of French Roast and I’m starting to panic!
Peet’s flies freshly-roasted on oily dark wings,
Give me good coffee and my heart just sings!

No rBGH in cows I get milk from
Half and half flows… Snap! I forgot to get some!
Trader’s Point Creamery whole milk will do,
With cream on the top it enlivens my brew!

Brain fog ’til cleared by my sweet Bialetti
Rebirth of wonder just like Ferlinghetti
I am waiting for black gold to finally perk,
GIVE ME CAFFEINE or I’ll just go berserk!

Cafe latte,
cafe au lait,
cappuccino too
Forget about Starbucks, I’ll make it at home
so it is the brew that’s true!