Really.  I don’t.  Even a little.

Oh, I think Peyton Manning is a great person, love his charity work.  He is a great example of giving back to his communities (Yes, he has more than one.)   And he beats hell out of the other freaks of nature in spandex short-pants who just rounded out their Hummer collection to a baker’s dozen or have kept Cadillac from going the way of other US automakers by purchasing a new Escalade every three months.

I never got the football bug.  In fact I prefer the sport that EVERYONE ELSE in the whole world calls football.  Some folks say watching soccer is akin to watching paint dry.  But I like it.

And I can’t see the whole “I don’t really follow the NFL, but hey, it’s all about the TEAM!!!  I purchased an insanely overpriced officially sanctioned Colts jersey because I knew that I could wear it to work at least eleven Fridays all year.  Go, Blue Crew!” thing.

I think it would be more fun to have pep rallies for THIS sport:

Something to do with all those plastic party cups.